The Ekka Run

14 & 15 July 2020

We enjoyed the public holiday having a run to Nanango via Esk and Blackbutt. After fun at the go-cart track some of us were having such a good time we stayed the night in Nanango making our way home the following day via Crows Nest and Esk.

The Scones and Scotty’s run

26 July 2020

It was a wet start to the day followed by sun and then more rain but a good time was had by all. Check our destination out

We can recommend it

Run to Lowood and Lake Dyer

28 June 2020

At last we can start getting the cars out in these post Covid-19 times. It was a wet start but cleared as the day went on.

Run to Colleges Crossing, Ipswich

15 March 2020

A few pictures from our run with our friends from the Capri Club and the Side-Valve Club – little did we know it would be our last run for a while because Covid-19 restrictions were implemented within days of the Run